At ASAYSI we pride ourselves on being the market leaders in modern memorabilia. Our bespoke items can be tailored to any event, whether it be a live or silent auction. We can help raise funds and spread the word for any cause.
Our live auctions have been proven the most successful, ensuring the whole room is interacting around one piece at a time - guaranteed to be a huge contribution to your chosen charity or cause at any evening.
ASAYSI also runs a discreet, yet highly effective silent auction - our pieces will be displayed in a chosen area of your room and booklets will be provided with lot numbers and reserve prices. A great way of adding an auction into your event without any interruption to the evening, but still allowing you to raise funds.
What better way to raise money for your chosen charity than to host an auction on the evening of your fundraising event - a fantastic way to capture your audience and get them to donate. Giving your guests a fun experience while gaining attention to the charity and hitting your fundraising goals.
Please contact us directly using the form below for more information on fundraising and charity auctions.